Isn’t this SPECIAL?

Hey look! Another “Sean Parker is a jackass” post!

Dude sets TWO world records, simultaneously in the same paragraph! First is for being, though there is stiff competition for this role, the world’s most egregious douchemonster. AND, at the same time, he sets the record for “most meaningless buzzwords in the same set of sentences”. Truly awe inspiring. I salute you, you turd!

Let’s go to the videotape:

“As an entrepreneur and investor I’m drawn to disruptive companies in explosive new markets,” Parker said. “The common thread between these companies is a missionary desire to leverage technology to change the world. I’m optimistic that the clever application of technology might someday obsolete the combustion cigarette and all the harm it causes.”

He also displays his douchebaggery by doing something that only dumb people, who don’t have a decent vocabulary, do. In order to seem smart, they will employ an adjective like “obsolete” as a verb in an attempt to baffle people with their bullshit. I can do nothing but bow in homage, Sean Parker. You are a truly craptastic human being, though I use that term loosely. Loose, like the diarrhea that comes out of your mouth. Get it?