Another incident where a number of people, this time including children, are killed by someone with a gun. Things like this may not truly happen daily, but it sure seems like it. It also seems like the incidence is increasing.  Something about this particular one seems emblematic, though. A white man, in Texas, in a quiet suburb on a cul de sac named Leaflet Lane (they probably don’t call it a cul de sac though, since that’s French). Overly green grass. American flags waving. What appears to have been some sort of domestic incident goes sideways. Four children and two adults end up dead, possibly having something to do with an angry white man who has access to gun(s) didn’t have things work out the way he thought they should. Just another incident. The discussion on the link is instructive too, with the arguments over whether this should be labeled a mass killing or not. Only six, four kids, after all. I think the unstated rule is that it has to be double digits before it is considered “mass”. Like it matters what word we use. It certainly doesn’t matter to those kids who are dead.