This article on The Mind Unleashed contains a lot of truth, truly paradigm exploding stuff. My latest thinking is that we are in chaotic,  confusing times. Obvious, sure. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the soul sickening news of war, plagues (Ebola), environmental destruction, ad nauseum (new band name!). That’s what the “news” focuses on since promoting the horrors pushes people’s buttons, bringing in viewers and, guess what, REVENUE! But there are just about as many positive things happening, probably more in fact. All it takes is for us as individuals to do a variation on what the venerable Dr. Leary suggested. Tune in (to the more positive channels) turn on (not necessarily to a substance, though some of those discussed in this article can be beneficial, *wink wink nudge nudge*); and DROP OUT. Dropping out doesn’t necessarily mean going off grid or becoming a traveler, though some may choose to do that. It can mean taking the time you are granted away from work and chores to reconnect with nature, leave your phone at home (you can do it! It’s liberating!), get to know your neighbors, do something/anything other than keeping your brain connected to one of the many screens that are so pervasive these days. Often a slight deviation (love that word), such as just, for once, leaving that phone at home while you go for a walk, can result in a slight course change, which can in turn open up new vistas. We all have choices, all the time, though we often hypnotize ourselves, or allow ourselves to be hypnotized, into believing that we don’t.
It’s all up to you my friend. We are all responsible for our own spiritual development. Not Jesus. Not Buddha. Not Ctulthu or Satan or Krishna. Different things can be helpful guides at times, but in truth what we need is right here with us and constantly surrounding us all the time. The trick is to open our eyes more, increase our awareness, become more connected with our surroundings.