Not being sarcastic here, but I am sorry your experience was so negative. No way will I even try to convince you to give it another shot, since you seem pretty committed. But I do want to make a couple of points. This game is different, in every way. I am not a huge gamer, have not played a ton of games, some of which I didn’t stick around with long enough for them to get their hooks in me. I call myself a casul, and wear my “casul” badge on my gear in DS proudly, because I are one, and I’m OK with that. Some games are an acquired taste. DaS is not, for the most part. What I have seen happen with a number of people is that they come in having been a total badass at other games, including sword and sorcery RPGs superficially similar to DS. They try to use the same strategies they used in those other games, and they try them again and again, and they fail and get frustrated. DS is its own beast. It requires thinking more than any other games I have come across, and this is what has kept me coming back for “mor deth, plz”. It took me a WHILE to get the concept through my hard head that I needed to learn from every death. It took realizing that sometimes, through pride, I would go back to where I had lost souls, not that many. Pride and impatience would result in me getting kilt again. By the same guy or guys often. And I would get more frustrated. After a while, I started using brain when appropriate, brawn when it was, thinking about what tools and equipment I had, or might need, and changing what needed changing. Had more success, got hooked by the exhiliration of beating NOT just the bosses and minibosses, but getting through an area where I had been thrashed repeatedly. I finally got it! Death is a necessary evil in this game, not something to get mad about all the time. It’s always MY fault, after all. When I started approaching each death as a learning experience, I started enjoying the game much more and usually, but not always, laughing at myself for being such a goon. I hope you come back, because it seems you want to like it, but just couldn’t. It is NOT for everyone. I read that before I bought it, and even though I am a middling gamer on my best day, gave it a shot. The gauntlet had been thrown down. It didn’t beat me, and won’t, as long as it takes for me to finish the damn thing.