Encountering RAW and Terence McKenna 15 or so years ago broke my head open, no substances other than knowledge involved. After all, knowledge, followed by open minded investigation, which might eventually become a sort of wisdom, is more powerful than ANY hallucinogen. Not that hallucinogens don’t have their place.
Challenged┬ámy insular worldview, opened my mind to paths of which I hadn’t previously even been aware, paths I still follow to this day. Not so much a purveyor of what even he sees as truth, more of a trickster figure. He in effect says to the reader, “OK, sucker, like 99% of humanity you have taken certain things as gospel your entire life. Like most (shumans? Humeeps?), you may have encountered certain things which have enhanced or even changed your essential worldview. To your mind, possibly even, some of these have been so radical, but the parameters of your worldview remain essentially pretty narrow. NOW, humeep, what if these OTHER things, which might at first glance seem totally cuckoobananas, might be true? Maybe even possibly, just a little? NOW what are YOU going to do with THIS information?”