STFU Donnie

I didn’t really appreciate The Big Lebowski at the time. I was familiar with the Coens, but hadn’t seen Fargo yet. Lebowski was the followup to Fargo, and I don’t think I was the only one who failed to appreciate its genius. Fargo is like a gateway drug into the mind-warping world of the Coens. Lebowski is more like heroin – it will addict you and change your fucking life if your aren’t careful. In a good way, of course.

Yesterday, at work, I found myself saying, under my breath or in my mind, “SHUT THE FUCK UP DONNIE”. Mostly to my coworkers. Yep, I have some anger issues. Alternatively, “YOU’RE OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE, DONNIE!” works as a mantra. May not work for you, but for me they did. Helped me to move past the anger and maybe even laugh about whatever it was which was being said or done. Rather than let it fester and build into resentment, which, regrettably, is what usually happens with me.

Ahhhhhh – I think it’s time for a nice, healthy SHUT THE FUCK UP DONNIE! while I’m watching Chris Matthews and company bloviate.