I remember encountering the aka Googlezon, video a few years ago. At the time I was amazed by how insightful it was, now I can see it as prescient. It isn’t precisely on target but close enough to make it eerie. I was inspired to seek it out again after reading two articles, one a , by the latest candidate for Antichrist, Julian Assange, of a new book by Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen. Assange does a good job, in his role as annoying gadfly, of pointing out some of the flaws in this highly flawed worldview. As usual, though, he can’t keep from letting his ego get in the way.

The other article I want to refer to here, though, , is much more meaty. It is unusual for me to get laughs out of a thinkpiece like this, but I did. His takedown is so thorough that I couldn’t help going “daaaaaaaamn . . .” a few times. There’s a lot here that I want to address at length soon, in conjunction with a piece which is still gestating on the relationships we have with technology, and how they are changing us (latest insight on that, as I used Google Now’s voice function to search for something this morning, is that the intimacy with our devices is increasing, on the way, I guess, to implants).