New blog post: David Simon and some thoughts on Memorial Day

Simon’s post and the comments are worth reading. Debates like this are made possible by the Internet and one of the reasons I value it. 

I am a veteran and proud of my service. That being said, I am definitely not proud of some of the uses to which our military has been put the last few years. If I have one wish for Memorial Day, it is that we as Americans open our eyes, think for ourselves, and work toward a world in which force is used only as a truly final resort. I am not so naive as to believe that this will happen soon or that human beings will be, some day, totally free of aggressive impulses. I do believe, however, that if we work toward that, if we individually opt not to indulge our aggression, we can start creating a better world. If we can truly take a larger view and apprehend the connectedness in this beautiful universe, then slowly but surely we can become those better human beings.