Hearing about the latest bombing in Iraq, I got a little angry, a little sad and disgusted, and some thoughts came to mind.

Colin Powell’s analogy was, and is, dismissive and ridiculous. Lives and cultures are not housewares. Saddam Hussein was undoubtedly a horrible person, possibly genocidal, but these daily massacres weren’t occurring under his regime. It was worse ten years ago, when thousands of American and allied troops were there, but the slaughter has continued even after most have withdrawn.

I hold Bush, Cheney, Russell, Powell and the rest of those hooligans responsible for these deaths.  America has a pattern of going into countries, geopolitical motives hidden behind a scrim of doing what’s good for the natives. They, the sovereign citizens of these countries, don’t see the good intentions. They only see the hell along the road and the hell that’s created.

I hope W and his cronies are having some sleepless nights over what they have wrought. I doubt, however, that that is the case. They have their false idols and sense of exceptionalism with which to console themselves. Sometimes I wish I could believe in an afterlife in which they would be held to account, but I can’t. Karma is a sneaky bitch though, and I trust that in some way they will pay.